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Please Note:

The Despatch pages section seen here will allow BCMEA Direct Employers to stay current with the work activity on the Vancouver waterfront. Employers will be able to view board and plate information for the Vancouver Despatch Hall, view current despatch button positions, and display despatch slips for job availability.

Vancouver work information is selectable by job category with sub-categories for Squamish and Coastwise work.

Users will be able to view current despatch information for individual ILWU 500 Employees.

Future enhancements will include the ability for employees on telephone despatch boards to make themselves available for work via the web site and indicate site and job preferences based on available work.

The Current despatch information is real time.  This information may change at anytime.  Please check your work status frequently!

Disclaimer: Despatch, Callback and other information displayed here are provided for informational purposes only. The Despatch office and/or actual site personnel continue to be responsible for Despatch, Callback and related information.

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